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Golf Tournament Rules


80% of the registered handicap will be used in play Wednesday and Thursday.

ALL PLAY WILL BE WINTER RULES.  There will be NO relief from hazards.  If your ball ends up in a hazard, you may elect to play the ball as it lies or declare an unplayable lie and drop no closer to the hole with a one stroke penalty.

We will collect $20 from each player Wednesday morning - $10 per day entry fee team best ball tournament. Wednesday will be your scramble team score, Thursday foursome best ball.  Kitty seeded with $300 each day, pot split 40% - 30% - 20% - 10% presented Thursday night.

Wednesday Format (Shotgun Start)

  • Four-man team scramble


  • The team net score will be carried over individually into Thursday's play


Checkered Flag Option

Four of the holes Wednesday will include a second pin with a CHECKERED FLAG.  Your team can opt to putt for either flag.  If a ball is SUNK in the checkered flag holes, you can DEDUCT 1 stroke from their final score.  All strokes count and you must continue play from where the ball lies.

Thursday Format (Shotgun Start)

  • Four-man team, net best ball

  • Record each player's gross score on score card.  Committee will subtract handicap.

  • Each hole must be completed or a maximum 4 over par


Door Prizes Thursday

Winner must be present to win a Door Prize if name is drawn.

Horse Race

Wednesday | Horse Race

Twenty Two-Man Teams - Consisting of a high and low handicap dealer/vendor combo

  • Previous years champions will get automatic entry

  • All other playing positions will be drawn

  • Participants will pay $200 per person entry fee.  You may refuse to play.

    • 4 teams eliminated on each of the first two holes​

    • 3 teams eliminated on the third hole

    • 3 teams eliminated on the fourth hole

    • 1 team on each of the last two holes

Wednesday | Parimutuel Tickets

  • $2.00 each on any of the 20 teams

  • Tickets are paid on four final teams only - payouts based on ticket sales

Thursday | Horse Race

Remaining 4 teams transfer to Thursday's play; four-hole medal play.

Horse Race entry fees will be split among top four teams after Thursday's play [40-30-20-10]

  1. First Place - $3,200

  2. Second Place - $2,400

  3. Third Place - $1,600

  4. Fourth Place - $800

Thursday | Parimutuel Tickets

  • $2.00 each on any of the four play-off teams.  Only winning team tickets pay.

Calcutta Auction

Bidding Starts @ 6:30 PM Tuesday, September 6th

  • Bid winner must pay immediately - CASH ONLY

  • Low 4 scores on each team/field to determine winners

  • Proceeds - 40$ - 30% - 20% - 10%

Calcutta Raffle Tickets

Drawing will be made after each sale.

Honey Pot

Format | Two man best ball with full USGA handicap (see handicap information below)

Tee Times | Tuesday, 10:00 AM Shotgun Start**

Entry Fee | $150 per person (must be paid in advance).  I $50 for golf & cart + $100 into the winnings pool

Pay Out |  First 50%  |  Second 30%  |  Third 20%

Please note the Gearhart Committee reserves the right to audit handicaps.

*Each player must have a CURRENT USGA HANDICAP to participate

**For first 36 players to respond with entry fee

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