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If you are an auto dealer in the metro Portland area or business that works with auto dealers in the city of Portland we would love for you to join our community. The MPNCDA is the most direct way to network with Portland dealers, stay on the cutting edge of sales and stay up-to-date of current news and events.

New Member Benefits
Website Directory Listing
Advertising Opportunities


MPNCDA Member Discounts
Amazing Networking Opportunities

Membership Benefits

Contributing to the Community

Over the past several years, the Association has worked to increase the organization's visibility within the Portland community and beyond. The organization supports multiple charities and is continuing to expand its reach.

Committees & Board of Directors

The Association's activities are in the hands of an involved, volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of current and past dealers who are able to accurately address the needs of Portland's auto dealers. The direction of the Board is carried out by the Executive Director and staff who maintain full-time dedication to the MPNCDA's needs.



Franchised New Automobile
​Dealers in the Metro Portland Area.

Businesses that work with New Auto and Truck Dealers in the Metro Portland Area.

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